Fabrication Services


Including Tig, Mig and Stick welding for both pipe and structural steel

Control Panel

Construction, wiring and programming

Paint & Specialty Coatings

We utilize a two-part epoxy to prime the pipe for rust prevention with a final coat of DTM (direct to metal) paint

Fully Automated Cutting & Beveling

We use a state-of-the-art plasma cutting machine from Lone Star that can both cut and bevel pipe, as well as structural elements

Design Build

Our engineers can take your idea from concept to design, utilizing 3D modeling


Campos Fabrication has the in-house capability to take your project from design and permitting to installation and start-up

Start-up & Testing

Pressure and functional testing


Campos Fabrication is dedicated to continuously mentoring employees to increase their knowledge and skillset utilizing industry expert training courses and implementing advanced technology

Our Process

Once Campos Fabrication begins working on a project, our team immediately starts working together to plan out how to complete the project in the most efficient and cost-effective manner for the client. We take the time to compare prices to ensure we are purchasing the highest of quality products at the most competitive rates. 

With the project designs worked up by our talented engineers, our expert welders can begin meticulously fabricating the design. Upon completion of the build, we start our in-house quality inspection to certify that the fabrication is per design and ready to be utilized for its intended purpose. Lastly, after the completion of the inspection, the coating process begins inside our paint booth ensuring the highest quality finish within a controlled environment.

About Campos Fabrication

Campos Fabrication was founded in 2021 by Marco Campos and Matt Campano to bring better fabrication solutions to the utility, power, and oil sectors. Campos Fabrication joins the Campos family of companies comprised of Campos EPC, Novitech, NACC Construction, and CVG Staffing Solutions. Together we serve energy industry professionals in any capacity they may need. 

Value Statement

Here at Campos Fabrication, we work diligently to uphold our values of Quality, Craftsmanship and Integrity. We strive to deliver Quality work with every project we take on. Our dedicated team is well versed in their field and able to produce superior Craftsmanship. We focus on our Integrity to do what is right for all those who interact with our company in any capacity.